• How much notice do you need to lock me in?

    • Generally, as much as possible. Our diary is usually quite full, so the longer we have to work on it, the better (this work often involves building structures, sourcing special ingredients, etc.). Your order is not confirmed until a deposit is paid. ​

  • How do I pay? ​

    • Please refer to our Payment section​

  • Can I design my own cake?​

    • Sure! We love taking inspiration from all sources, including yours! We might need to use our interpretation or experience to make some small changes.​

  • Do you only work in fondant?

    • No! We love the versatility of fondant, and it generally lends itself to longer shelf life, but we also do work in other finishes (such as buttercream variations, ganache, etc.​)

  • Do you do cake toppers?

    • We love making toppers! They can be very time-consuming and this is factored into the cost of the full package with a cake. We don't do stand alone toppers. We are happy to refer you to a topper expert if you would like. ​

  • Do you provide sketches of cakes?

    • Yes, upon request. Coming up with unique ideas can be a time-consuming process, hence we only provide sketches once a deposit has been paid. We reserve the right to use artistic license at all times.​

  • Do you have a standard price-list? 

    • All our cakes are fully customised. Whilst we have a good idea of the base price for certain designs, we need to consider your individual needs in coming up with a quote. In most situations, we are happy to work with you to get you a great cake for your budget (keeping in mind our starting prices)​.

  • Do you do consultations?

    • We live in a wonderfully digital time, so we prefer to communicate via email or through our Facebook Page. That way we can go back and forth with thoughts and images until we are on the same page. We look forward to meeting you at delivery!

  • Do you do taste testings?

    • We are a custom, small outfit - we don't mass produce, nor keep frozen samples for people to try later. We are happy to provide a tasting box for confirmed (paid) bookings above $500. ​

  • My aunty's friend's neighbour said she is a great baker! Will you price match?

    • If she could do what we can do, you wouldn't be here.

  • Can you bake my Granny Pearl's famous apple cinnamon cake?

    • Only if you give us the recipe! It would be a great touch to add to your event, and we'll try our best to replicate it.  

  • Do you provide just plain cakes that I can decorate myself?

    • No, but you are able to purchase 'naked' (undecorated) cakes from most cake supply stores.​

  • Do you provide lessons or classes?

    • Unfortunately not, but it's a long-term goal! ​

  • How often can I ask for progress images?

      Our cakes often involve numerous elements, textures and artistic features that only come together at the last minute. We have a clear vision that we are working towards, but this won't translate well in ​​unflattering progress shots. You are placing a level of trust in our skill - we would like you to enjoy the full effect of seeing your piece of edible art for the first time


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